Artist Statement

I grew out of childhood with a forceful push from a brain disturbed by anxiety. Like many others in this position, I turned to art. Over time the drawings evolved — maybe more mature, maybe less mature — to include an index of symbolic creatures and relics. Also imperative is written language, often deriving from late-night musings, or more in-depth poetic thought.
My most current works are trace monotypes where I achieve a curious quality of line and form that speaks directly to concept (imperfection, insecurity). The pressure of a utensil tracing the reference images pushes the underlying ink onto paper. I begin digitally, constructing imagery, and progress to ink on washi. Ongoing explorations include scale, colour, and a duality of nurturing versus malice.
I strive to eliminate the perpetuation of stereotyped anxiety and crave unexpected metaphor. I am interested in the authentic representation of disorder that is universal to many, as well as what makes my perspective unique in an ever-changing personal climate.